Give Your Home a Springtime Checkup

Spring cleaning isn’t just for closets, cabinets, and home offices.  It’s also for the systems that run your home.  To maintain an efficiently run home in the months to come, the first place to give attention is your…

Air conditioning and heating

The easiest, most effective step you can take is to check and replace your filters; most types need to be replaced monthly – or at a minimum every three months.

Here’s your simple guide: if the filter looks dirty, change it.  Dirty filters slow down air flow, which causes your system to work harder, wasting energy.  Also, a clean filter reduces the amount of dust and dirt that builds up in your system, which could lead to inconvenient repairs or failures.

Next, clear debris from around your outside unit, and sweep away dirt around the unit’s base.  Most importantly, be sure to schedule a professional tune-up to check your system’s performance and get it in tiptop shape for the cooling season.  Just give your local HVAC company a call.

Professional service includes clearing dirt and debris from the insides of the unit, as well as checking condensation lines and the condensation drain, which helps prevent clogs and backups of sludge forming in the line, harming efficiency.

For another step to improve your home’s efficiency, take a look at your…

Door and windows –

Inspect and caulk where needed to keep in cool air in summer, warm air in winter, and save money on energy bills year-round.  As part of your inspection, open and close all windows.  Test how tightly they close.  If there’s a problem, check the weather-stripping.

Snoopy goes green

Why Clean your Heating & Cooling System?

Filtration System

Lennox HEPA Filtration System

According to, heating and cooling your home uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home.  Heating and cooling typically making up about 54% of your utility bill and 25 to 40 percent of that energy used for heating or cooling is energy wasted.  If you do the math, that means approximately 10-20% of your utility cost comes from wasted energy.  That’s a substantial amount of money down the drain.

Getting your heating and air-conditioning system professionally cleaned is the solution.  This may entail anything like cleaning ductwork, vents, register, blowers, coils, filtration systems, etc.  In other words, anything that is exposed to the airflow within the system needs to be regularly maintained or cleaning to save energy.

For more information on air conditioning maintenance check our previous blog post Air Conditioning Maintenance: A Quick and Simple Home Investment or check out our blog post next Thursday (March 20, 2014) which will be called Give Your Home a Springtime Checkup.

And always remember to check your filter!

Room Decoration Isn’t Magic

Interior decorators aren’t magicians and it doesn’t take fairy dust to get fantastic results in a room.  So, put down the wand and check out these hot tips and learn how to decorate a room:

Unify Your Style

– By committing to a single style, you simplify and narrow the variety of options.

– Decorators try to commit to a style that unifies the ‘Big Five’: rug, sofa, window treatments, side chairs, and coffee table.

– You can avoid complete uniformity with wall art and room accessories.  The choices are endless.

Three is the Magic Number

– Create a three-color palette: two main colors and one accent color that either calms or livens up the others.

– While paint is the palette’s basis, upholstery and rugs can bring the palette to life