16 Ways to Improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

In light of the cooler weather causing people to stay inside more it’s important to know how to get the best indoor air quality possible.  Below are a few tips to get you started.

1 Bring in some plants and shrubs (plants give off fresh oxygen)

2 Don’t smoke indoors

3 Take off your shoes when you enter your house or at least wipe them off

4 Replace/Clean your furnace and air filters

5 Use and clean ventilating fans

6 Use safe cleaning products (natural cleaning products that contain no volatile organic compounds or toxic chemicals)

7 Vacuum and dust regularly (keeping a clean house can be especially beneficial to those with asthma)

8 Store toxic compounds outside

9 If you have pets – brush them regularly, if you have a cat keep the litter box stored in an enclosed area

10 Encase your mattress and pillows to protect against dust mites (wash your bedding at least once a month; it really should be done once a week)

11 Take steps to ensure that your home remains mold free

12 Consider getting an Air Purification System

13 Consider getting a Germicidal Light

14 Consider getting Ventilators (you can get Heat Recovery Ventilators HRV and/or Energy Recovery Ventilators ERV)

15 Consider getting Electronic air cleanser EAC’s and high efficiency air filters and humidifiers

16 This one may not improve your air, but it is the most important on this list. Get a carbon monoxide detector.

Is Our Quote Higher

There’s a reason.  Their cheap price may be putting you at great risk.

Most legitimate contractors have similar costs and usually, similar prices.  If you’ve been quoted a price that’s significantly lower than ours, it could be because that company is not playing by the rules.

Just like our state requires drivers to carry collision insurance on their car, contractors in Nebraska are required to have 2 types of insurance: 1) Worker’s Compensation and, 2) General Liability.  Those policies are in place to protect you, the homeowner.

Workers who are injured on your property can sue you, when they aren’t covered by a contractor’s Workers Compensation Policy.

Before you choose the cheapest contractor, make sure that company carries the required policies.  Call their insurance company or agent and confirm it before you authorize any work.  It’s for your protection!

J & R Heating

Hello, HVAC blog readers!  If you have questions about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or something along those lines this would be the blog to get those questions answered.  This first post is to introduce ourselves and let you know a little about us.  J&R Heating is a small heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor that is located in York, Nebraska at 908 North Grant Avenue.  We focus on installing and servicing furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and fireplaces as well as duct work and duct fabrication.  Recently, we celebrated our 53rd year in business.  Since both of the owners have always lived in the area for most of their lives, they know many of their customers by name.  This makes the customers feel safe and more comfortable when doing business transactions with them.  It feels like a small town business because it is a small town business.