Chore Checklist for Fall

The summer heat has subsided, so now’s the time for tending to household chores.  Start by checking the following areas:

– Garden: This is just the right season for planting perennials, trees, and shrubs.  Prune non-flowering shrubs and trim back tree limbs near your roof.

– Preparation: Prepare for winter by giving your heating system a tune-up.  Also, check caulking and weather-stripping around doors and exterior windows.  Clean out gutters and downspouts, and make sure outside water pipes are drained and protected from freezing.

– Garage: Make a clean sweep of the place.  Get rid of unused items and organize tools and equipment.  Also, remove anything that’s likely to freeze, such as paint.

– Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change batteries if necessary.


Have a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!

Carving Stars in Pumpkins with Power Tools

Owl Pumpkin with Stars (Sorry about the moldiness)

Halloween is one of the best Holidays for all of the fun crafty projects you can do.  Pumpkin carving has got to be one of my favorite projects and it became even more enjoyable with POWER TOOLS!  With the help of pinterest I discovered I could use a drill to carve out simple stars in my pumpkin.  All you need to do is put the size of drill bit you want in the drill and go bananas.  If you would like different sizes of stars, just change the size of the drill bit and wah lah.

Making Stars with Power Tools

Making Stars with Power Tools

Reminder: Make sure to clean out the drill and drill bit when done, because you do not want sticky ruined tools.  Trust me!

Beat the Backyard Blues with Three Fall Projects

Brad Staggs of is a strong believer in continuing to entertain in the backyard well into fall and winter.  “Outdoor living is becoming a huge way of life for more and more people,” says Brad.

If your backyard is less than presentable, try these three fall projects:

Dinner on the Deck.  The traditional building season is drawing to a close and builders’ calendars will be opening up a bit.  So this is the perfect opportunity to catch them while their business is slow.  If your city allows, try adding a portable fire pit and be sure your benches are extra-wide to accommodate the entire family wrapped in cozy blankets.

Toasty Paws.  If the weather’s too nice for Fido to snooze in front of the fireplace inside, be sure he has a great place of his own outside.  Add columns, a window or two and a front porch to his space and he’ll never come out.

Flowers Are the Crowning Touch.  There are many plants that bloom throughout the fall; choose one with a color you like and grow it up the sides of a built-in arbor.  Within a few years, you’ll have a wonderful natural blind from the neighbors’ prying eyes and a great addition to your yard.

Things To Consider When Buying A Stove

Tis the season for air to start getting crisper and leaves to start falling.  Recently, we’ve had quite a few people and request information on a wood burning stove so they can fight the winters chill, reduce fuel consumption, and be more energy and money efficient.  If you’re like one of our customers, then you probably know there are many models to choose from when buying a new stove and that you need to choose the right model to fit your heating needs.

Wood stoves come in many different sizes and can be sized to heat a single room or an entire home, depending on your preference.

– Small stoves:  Perfect for heating a family room, a minimally used bungalow, or specific area of your home that has been zoned for a stove.

– Medium stoves: Perfect for a winter bungalow, a small house, or a medium-sized house that is energy efficient.

– Large Stoves: Perfect for large, open concept houses and/or older, less energy efficient houses in colder climates.

Talking with an experienced hearth product retailers who know the performance characteristics of the products they sell is a good idea if you are interested in a wood stove.  To help the hearth product retailer, make sure to take along a floor plan of your home.  A knowledgeable retailer can help you find a wood or gas stove, a fireplace, a fireplace insert, or different hearth product that is recommended to heat your designated space.

Display Model (Gas) Stove at J & R Heating

Display Model (Gas) Stove at J & R Heating


Is Your Home a Health Risk?

Since Environmental Protection Agency studies have shown that levels of air pollutants indoors may be much greater than outdoor air pollution, a better question might be…

“How much of health risk is my home?”

The average person spends as much as 90% of their time indoors and that figure spells serious trouble for anyone with allergy or respiratory issues.  One way to determine whether you have an indoor air quality problem is to look at how you or those in your household feel when home:

1. Do you or others sneeze and cough in your home?

2. Do you or others in your home often have an irritated throat, nose or eyes?

3. Do you or others in your home wake up congested or with a headache?

4. If you or others in your home have any of the above symptoms, are they more common in a certain part of the house?

5. Does anyone in your home have frequent asthma episodes or respiratory infections?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have an indoor air quality concern.  Poor indoor air is a serious health threat, especially to young children and the elderly.  We can help – just give us a call.