Multi-use Mini-splits from Lennox Industries

From man caves to family rooms – mini-splits have many uses in the home.

No ductwork needed.  Their ductless design makes mini-splits ideal for older homes with ductwork that needs repairs to be usable, new additions where cost is a factor, and spaces like sunrooms with no space for ductwork.

A quick fix for hot spots in the home.  A mini-split can fix chronically hot or cold spot in a home that has a ducted HVAC system.  “If you talk to somebody who’s got a decent-sized house, they’ve probably got an area you could put a mini-split in,” Cross says.  For example, homeowners who enjoy working in the garage, but don’t like the sweltering summer heat or freezing winter cold, can add a mini-split for better comfort.

Creative options for custom control.  “Thanks to multi-zone heat pumps,” Cross Says, “mini-splits can be used in all sorts of multiple configurations.  Maybe you have a ‘man cave’ you want to keep at 68° and a TV room you want to keep a little warmer.  You can figure out how many different zones you want to heat or cool, decide which indoor units you need, and then match them op with an outdoor unit that corresponds to the single or multiple zones you’re implementing in your house.

Article from “The Lennox News: The Official Newsletter from Lennox Residential” (Volume 72 Number 02 Summer 2016)