The Beauty of Biking

Ready to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors? There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair and the sunshine on your face – especially after the extra time indoors this winter. So why not pull out the bikes from their wintertime hiding place and take a ride? There are lots of reasons to make this healthy activity part of your springtime routine:

  1. Biking around your neighborhood or to work produces endorphins that provide a sense of well-being to get you through your day.
  2. Biking strengthens your thighs, hips – and tush! When biking up hills, arms and upper body ┬ábecome stronger, too.
  3. People with back pains, muscle strains, knee or foot problems can find relief. Biking is gentle on joints and preserves cartilage. It’s an excellent way to stay active. Not great with balance? Try a three-wheeled bicycle for those who need a little extra support.
  4. Ride instead of drive. If you are close enough to work or school, take your bike instead of the car. You’ll save loads on gas and may even drop a few pounds.

The benefits of exercise extend beyond your wallet with better overall health. So get active this spring!


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How to Keep Your Cool

Springtime temperatures create built-in benefits for enjoying indoor comfort while conserving energy. Try these tips to make the most of lower energy costs:

Add Ventilation – During moderate temperatures, natural ventilation is your best strategy for saving on energy, so fling open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. The use of well-placed fans will keep the air moving breezily through your rooms.IMG_1698

Reduce Heat – Watch how appliances and lighting heat up your home. Something to consider – the Department of Energy says that only 10-15 percent of the electricity used by incandescent lights actually produces light; the rest produces heat. Turn off fixtures you aren’t using.

Prepare Your Equipment – Be sure to get your air conditioning system serviced before summer. with proper maintenance, you’ll increase the life of the equipment and preserve its energy efficiency. A professional technician may also be able to pinpoint problems early on before they lead to untimely breakdowns. Call us to schedule your tune-up.Maintenance Agreement/J & R Heating

Watch Your Settings – When you do turn on your air conditioner for seasonal comfort, choose your thermostat setting wisely. According to the DOE, you can save up to 1 percent for each degree you set the temperature back for eight hours or longer. For example, if you run your air conditioner at 78 degrees instead of 72, you can save between 6-18 percent on your cooling bill. A programmable thermostat will monitor these settings for you.IMG_1696