15 Fun Facts About Air Conditioners


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15 cool facts about air conditioners by How Stuff Works:

1. Movie theaters were one of the first public places to have air conditioning, so to get everyone to come to the movies, theaters would release big pictures in the summer. Hence the term “summer blockbuster.”

2. Without air conditioning, we wouldn’t have certain medications today – some medications could only be studied and developed in a cool environment.

3. Each year, the U.S. uses the same amount of energy to power air conditioners as Africa uses to power the entire continent.

4. Before air conditioners, people would keep things cool with big blocks of ice. When air conditioners were introduced, their output ratings were judged based on how much ice you would need to get the same cooling power.

5. The first air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. He worked at a publishing company and needed…

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What needs to be done for an air conditioner check-up?

This is what we do for cooling system check-ups.

Indoor Cooling System Maintenance Includes

  • Inspect thermostat, level if necessary
  • Oil blower motor
  • Inspect Indoor coil (when accessible)
  • Change duct dampers when applicable
  • Visually inspect furnace and blower for cleanliness
  • Check for dirty filter
  • Adjust belt
  • Inspect condensate drain, clean if necessary
  • Check for temperature difference

Outdoor Cooling System Maintenance Includes

  • Clean condenser coil, w/ chemical when necessary
  • Check volts and amps
  • Inspect contactor
  • Lubricate fan motor
  • Clean condensing unit, inside and out
  • Tightened electrical connections
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Apply protective coating to outside unit

Cooling System

Twix Bar Brownies


  • 1 box brownie mix
  • 1 package shortbread cookies
  • 1 jar caramel syrup
  • 1 jar chocolate syrup
  • 1 can non-stick cooking spray


  1. Using a boxed brownie mix, follow all instructions for making the brownie batter.  Next, layer 1/3 of the batter into the bottom of a greased baking dish (follow instructions from box for the size of the dish).
  2. Then, crush the shortbread cookies into medium to small chunks and spread half of the shortbread chunks over the first layer of brownies.
  3. After this, pour half of the caramel and half of the chocolate syrup.
  4. Follow all baking instructions for the brownies and serve warm with vanilla bean ice cream.