What Your Utility Bill Doesn’t Show…

Each month, you see the dollar signs on your utility bill continue to climb for the same comfort. Skyrocketing energy costs have hit all of us, but other things are secretly stealing money from you.

•Climate control. This item consumes up to 44% of household energy use. Start saving by lowering temperatures 6°-8°F every night or when you’re away to reduce the bill 10-16%.
•Lighting. After climate control, lighting and appliances weigh in at 33% of the typical utility bill. Save 6% by shutting off unused electronics and appliances.
•Keeping the water warm. Hot water consumes 14-20% of your energy bill, so lower the temperature to 120°F.
•Keeping the food cold. Your refrigerator can account for 9% of your total energy bill. Save by setting refrigerator temperatures between 37° and 40°F, and 5°F for the freezer.
•Annual tune-ups and regular maintenance on your current system are the best ways to save.

Happy Holidays from everyone at J & R Heating!

Happy Holidays from everyone at J & R Heating!

Keeping Your Family Safe from CO2

You might be surprised to find … Carbon Monoxide is the leading cause of poisoning deaths in the U.S. Emergency rooms see about 50,000 visits a year just due to CO poisoning. The danger is especially high in winter due to emissions from home furnaces.

“Retail” grade detectors aren’t always able to give “early warning” signs. That’s why your home needs a professional grade CO detector that can warn you immediately.

Basically, a professional grade CO monitor gives you a way to help keep your family breathing safely.

Save on Your Heating Bill

Just because there’s a bite in the air doesn’t mean there has to be one taken out of your wallet. Here are three small changes to your home can keep you from overspending on utilities all season long:

1) Inspect and repair your insulation. Heat rises, which means all of that warm air that keeps you comfortable eventually makes its way into the attic. A properly insulated attic could save you money.

2) Keep cold air out. If past winters have found you routinely turning up the heat, you have cracks and gaps that are letting cold air in. Fixing these is inexpensive, and this helps with the cost of heating.

3) Inspect your heating system. Homeowners often fail to have their heating systems inspected, which results in higher heating bills thanks to dirty heating ducts and old filters. Once these items are cleaned and replaced, you can reap results almost immediately.

What Home Remodeling Project Is the Best Investment?

Forbes Magazine gives us the inside scoop…

Midrange Bath Upgrade:

Fared pretty well at 94% ROI. But hey, what is it worth to NOT have to look at that stupid shag toilet cover and gross faucet?

Office Addition:

Ranked lower than we would have guessed at just 73% ROI. Yet when you consider that your home-based job is supposed to generate a profit – that should more than even the score.

Kitchen Remodel:

The low and midrange remodels did better than the ‘higher end’ versions (98% vs. 91%). This is a great ROI, and in some neighborhoods, the ROI can be 105%, which ought to make the head chef very happy indeed.