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My Word

Hello Friends,

We had a busy summer keeping people comfortable, and I’m glad.  I’m fortunate in that I love what I do.

I recently heard about a study of social media comments related to how people feel about their jobs.  The results showed that a large majority (at least those posting publicly!) say they love their job.  Well, that’s my category, too, because of people like you.

We enjoy being of service to our customers – improving comfort and indoor air quality, showing how to save energy dollars and repairing inconvenient breakdowns.

One of our favorite ways to serve is to help you avoid future trouble.  We do that through our annual tune-ups that help your system maintain reliable operation and peak efficiency.  Call us to schedule a tune-up on your system at 402-362-5702 in the York, NE area.


Jim Petersen

My Word

Hello Friends,

Are you as ready as I am for a change of scenery?  I’m glad to be seeing the signs of spring… brighter landscapes, warmer days and more outdoor activities.  But spring also means one other important thing: summer’s coming.

As you know, it can get pretty hot and humid when it’s here.  We don’t want any of our friends (some companies call them “customers”) to flip the switch on the first warm day and find your air conditioning system has “forgotten” the basics of keeping you cool.

If you haven’t already called us for your pre-season tune-up to make sure your air conditioning system is ready for the heavy load, please do this as soon as possible.

Our job is to make sure our friends are comfortable.  Let us know how we can serve you.

Jim Petersen

My Word

Chore Checklist for Fall

The summer heat has subsided, so now’s the time for tending to household chores.  Start by checking the following areas:

– Garden: This is just the right season for planting perennials, trees, and shrubs.  Prune non-flowering shrubs and trim back tree limbs near your roof.

– Preparation: Prepare for winter by giving your heating system a tune-up.  Also, check caulking and weather-stripping around doors and exterior windows.  Clean out gutters and downspouts, and make sure outside water pipes are drained and protected from freezing.

– Garage: Make a clean sweep of the place.  Get rid of unused items and organize tools and equipment.  Also, remove anything that’s likely to freeze, such as paint.

– Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change batteries if necessary.


Have a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!

Air Conditioning maintenance: A Quick and Simple Home Investment

Spring is almost here and routine air conditioning tune-ups are among the best home investments you can make.  That’s because tune-ups improve your system’s efficiency and increase its lifespan, saving you operating dollars and keeping you comfortable at the same time.  Not only that, you can avoid problems with mold build-up that can harm your breathing space.

It’s the same principle as routine dental cleaning and annual medical appointments.  Nothing’s wrong, and you want to keep it that way.  But some folks let the “ounce of prevention” opportunity pass right on by, thanks to a misguided impression that it’s just too much trouble.

Yet tune-ups are simple and quick and very much worth a very minor inconvenience that can save you a good bit of time and money in the long run.  Basically, a licensed professional will:

1: Clean evaporator and condenser coils, as needed, and straighten bent fins.

2: Check all the electrical components and controls.

3: Oil motor and shaft bearings.

4: Check the condenser.

5: Examine fan belts and replace if frayed or worn.

6: Calibrate the thermostat.

7: Check to see if the system is properly charged with refrigerant and that there are no leaks.

8: Check filters. (Ask your local HVAC dealer to see how often your filters need replaced)

Oh, and you can keep a watch on this on your own.  While many homeowners choose to shade their condensers with trees and shrubs to improve efficiency, you’ll want to watch to make sure vegetation doesn’t grow around the condenser and restrict the air flow.

Most tune-up tasks are too extensive for the average homeowner – because of the risk of electrical shock and potential for shorting in the electrical components.  But one of your techs can tend to these things in a very short time.  Also, there is additional maintenance that can be advantageous to your system.  When a tech comes to do your maintenance, ask if it would be beneficial to you to get some additional equipment maintenance.

Think of it as a way to save money while avoiding a whole lot more trouble later on.  Equipment failure in the heat of August is never as fun as a preventive measure taken in springtime!

What Your Utility Bill Doesn’t Show…

Each month, you see the dollar signs on your utility bill continue to climb for the same comfort. Skyrocketing energy costs have hit all of us, but other things are secretly stealing money from you.

•Climate control. This item consumes up to 44% of household energy use. Start saving by lowering temperatures 6°-8°F every night or when you’re away to reduce the bill 10-16%.
•Lighting. After climate control, lighting and appliances weigh in at 33% of the typical utility bill. Save 6% by shutting off unused electronics and appliances.
•Keeping the water warm. Hot water consumes 14-20% of your energy bill, so lower the temperature to 120°F.
•Keeping the food cold. Your refrigerator can account for 9% of your total energy bill. Save by setting refrigerator temperatures between 37° and 40°F, and 5°F for the freezer.
•Annual tune-ups and regular maintenance on your current system are the best ways to save.

Happy Holidays from everyone at J & R Heating!

Happy Holidays from everyone at J & R Heating!