Is there any Advantage to Setting the Thermostat to On Instead of Auto?

Is there any advantage to letting the air conditioner of heat pump fan run all the time (the “on” setting on the thermostat” instead of periodically (the “auto” or “automatic” setting on the thermostat)?


If you live in a very humid climate you may not want to run the fan continuously because this reduces dehumidification, otherwise, there are some potential advantages.

Continuously circulating the air keeps the temperature more even throughout the house be alleviating temperature stratification.  It keeps air circulating through the comfort system’s air filter, which–depending on filter type and efficiency–can keep the home cleaner and the air fresher to breathe.  When the fan is operating continuously, the compressor continues to periodically cycle on and off automatically to cool and dehumidify your home just as it does on the “auto” setting.