Is Your House Breeding Germs?

It most likely is, and where will you find the most germs in your household? They could be in the places you least expect. There are hotspots all over your house, including these areas:

•Commodes: Flushes of the commode can send germs airborne and onto the surrounding areas, settling on various surfaces in the bathroom. So close the lid before flushing.

•Toothbrush and Holder: Protect your toothbrush from commode flushes and other germ transfers. For example, if you use a toothbrush holder for several family members, don’t let the toothbrushes touch each other. Replace brushes every few months to limit the consumption of germs and have a healthier smile!

•Contact Lens Case: These can be breeding grounds for germs that cause both major and minor eye infections. Rinse your case in hot water after use and replace the case every three months.

•Laundry: A load of laundry can be loaded with germs and bacteria from undergarments and other clothing, as well as towels and linens. The hotter the water, the better chance to kill the germs. Add laundry disinfectant when loads at lower temps are necessary. Also, move clean clothes straight to the dryer because the dampness from the wash can breed bacterial growth.

•Beds: Dust mites are microscopic creatures that commonly take up residence in your bed. Wash linens and pillows regularly and in hot water to kill germs.

•Computer Keyboard: The computer keyboard sees quite a bit of our hand activity. Wash your hands before and after using your computer, and use alcohol or bleach wipes to keep it disinfected.

Start following the tips above and protect yourself and your family from germs.