How to Make a Home Warm During the Winter

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Staying Warm During Bitter Winter Chills

We can face some pretty stiff cold weather during the winter season and, as was pointed out recently by the BBC, we are getting better at managing it. We are no longer defenceless against brutal temperatures, cold houses and unnecessary chills. The BBC recently offered several personal and household pointers on how to survive the winter season without a blink. No more hibernation!

Here are the most important points;

Personal Care Indoors & Outdoors

It is important during the cold months that we get up, go outside and exercise. Any activity outdoors is good activity, even in small doses. Obviously, avoid the brutally low temperatures and wind chill factors but exercising outdoors has proven to get the circulation going.

If you are having difficulty, wiggling toes, swinging your arms and moving your legs, try a brisk walk. Feel free to stretch before going out…

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