Beat the Backyard Blues with Three Fall Projects

Brad Staggs of is a strong believer in continuing to entertain in the backyard well into fall and winter.  “Outdoor living is becoming a huge way of life for more and more people,” says Brad.

If your backyard is less than presentable, try these three fall projects:

Dinner on the Deck.  The traditional building season is drawing to a close and builders’ calendars will be opening up a bit.  So this is the perfect opportunity to catch them while their business is slow.  If your city allows, try adding a portable fire pit and be sure your benches are extra-wide to accommodate the entire family wrapped in cozy blankets.

Toasty Paws.  If the weather’s too nice for Fido to snooze in front of the fireplace inside, be sure he has a great place of his own outside.  Add columns, a window or two and a front porch to his space and he’ll never come out.

Flowers Are the Crowning Touch.  There are many plants that bloom throughout the fall; choose one with a color you like and grow it up the sides of a built-in arbor.  Within a few years, you’ll have a wonderful natural blind from the neighbors’ prying eyes and a great addition to your yard.