Annual Doctor’s Appointment for Your Furnace

It’s that time of year again when the leaves start falling, the temperatures start to drop, and it’s time to get your fall maintenance done.  Just like you need to make sure you’re healthy and functioning properly with normal levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, it is also important to regularly maintain your furnace.

Two things a homeowner can check for themselves are furnace filters and their thermostat.  Before you start your furnace it’s important to make sure the filter is still okay from the last season, if not, change it as soon as possible.  Filters will need to be changed more or less then that depending on what kind of filter you have.  Check with your local HVAC dealer if you have any questions regarding your filter.  Another thing a homeowner can check is their thermostat.  First, switch the thermostat over to heat and if it doesn’t work check the batteries in the thermostat.  If it still doesn’t work you probably have a bigger issue and we recommend calling your local HVAC dealer.

Even though there are some things that homeowners can do themselves, it’s still best to have professionals conduct seasonal inspections and adjustments on your furnace, as some furnace checks can be dangerous.