J&R Heating is a small heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor that is located in York, Nebraska at 908 North Grant Avenue.  We focus on installing and servicing furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and fireplaces as well as duct work and duct fabrication.  Recently, we celebrated our 53rd year in business.

J&R Heating was started in 1959 by Eldon James and Gail Rystrom.  Shortly after the business was started, Rystrom was killed in a hunting accident and James became the sole owner of the business for approximately 35 years.  James’ wife Pat was also a large part of the business for 20 years until she left to pursue a career in the real estate industry.  Eldon and Pat steadily built J&R Heating into a strong, solid, reliable business.  Then James Petersen, who had already been an employee of J&R Heating for 13 years, and his wife Lois purchased ten percent of the business from Eldon and Pat in the spring of 1985 and later became sole owners of the business in 1994.  When they first purchased the business they had a couple of experienced employees with HVAC backgrounds adding up to several years of experience in the heating and air conditioning field.   Now, James and Lois have been sole owners of the business for 18 years and have added a few more employees along with additional experience to the mix.


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