Inventors to Thank for Everyday Appliances

Garbage Disposal: John W. Hammes got the garbage disposal patented by 1935 and had it on the market by 1940. He made the very first garbage disposal in 1927 in Racine, Wisconsin.

Washer: Clothing washers have been around since almost the beginning of time with creations like the wash board.  The way people washed their clothes changed forever in 1908 when Alva J. Fisher invented the first electric washing machine.

Dryer: In 1915 J. Ross Moore invented the first electric clothing dryer in North Dakota and patented the design by 1935.

Microwave: Percy Spencer patented the first microwave on October 8th 1945.  However this microwave, unlike it’s modern counterpart, was around 6 feet tall, 800 pounds, and nearly 5,000 dollars. It wasn’t until around 1965 that the microwave become affordable and kitchen ready.

Refrigerator: The first modern refrigerator was designed in 1805 by a man named Oliver Evans. Unfortunately, Evans did not further pursue his refrigerator design until he moved to Philadelphia and met a man named Jacob Perkins. Evans and Perkins modified the refrigerator design and patented the first modern refrigerator in 1835.

Dishwasher: Josephine Cochran, in 1893, invented the very first motor run dishwasher that used water pressure instead scrubbers to clean the dishes. Cochran got the dishwasher patented in 1897 in Shelby, Illinois.

Air Conditioner: Willis Carrier invented the first modern air conditioner in Buffalo, New York in 1902. The air conditioner was patented in 1906. In 1914 Carrier was layed off from his engineering position at Buffalo Forge Company.  This was a blessing in disguise as he later went on to co-found the Carrier Engineering Company.  Still today the Carrier Engineering Company is one of the major manufacturers of heating and cooling appliances.


Furnace: Alice H. Parker designed the first furnace in Morristown, New Hampshire in 1919. On December 23, 1919 Alice Parker’s patent was accepted for the first single source, gas-fired furnace.

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