“Fall” in Love with Your Family

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and nature is calling you to carve out some family time.  What better way to enjoy the season than to visit a fall festival with your kids?  You’ll find food, art fairs, live music and more!  If there’s not one in your town, look for festival fun nearby.

With the little ones, go apple picking or on a hayride.  You just can’t beat spending a pleasant afternoon in just-the-right-weather with the people you love.  It’s fun for everyone!

If your kids like art or music, especially look for a craft fair and/or music festival.  You’ll be entertained while also getting inspiration for your own art creations.

If you’re hungry for some tasty fall foods, get on the trail of tempting treats.  Festivals quite often feature caramel apples, pumpkin pies, corndogs, apple cider and much more.  Better get in line now!

Holiday Peanuts

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Whatever fall adventure you choose, you’ll be making memories that will last long after the fun and food.


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