Make it a Fall-way Hallway

Homemade Fall WreathAs nature starts shedding the lush green of summer for a different color scheme, your home can make its own seasonal transition.  These festive decorating ideas will help you create a Fall-fresh look, providing a colorful welcome for anyone entering your abode.

Decoupage – There’s a new way to decorate that curvaceous gourd.  Decoupage your pumpkin by using leaves straight from your backyard with Mod Podge or other craft adhesive.  Your pumpkin’s new look will be the talk of the patch.

Jack-Be-Little Pumpkin – Try carving out the top of a jack-be-little pumpkin and using a votive candle inside.  Having about 4 or 5 of these is great for a centerpiece at the dinner table.

Fall Foliage Arrangement – An arrangement of autumn leaves for guests to see right as they walk in the front door gives off the perfect first impression.  The key to a beautiful arrangement is organizing by color.  Start with the center and use bright red maples with dawn redwoods, and then heavily load the outsides with gray-green fruit, You’ll have a perfect combination of reds, oranges, and greens, creating an eye-catching presentation.

Pomanders – Stud oranges or other citrus fruits with dried whole cloves.  Tie ribbon around a couple, stick them in a bowl and viola!  You have a fragrant display.

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