Crackers, Cheese, & Marshmallows

Crackers, Cheese, & MarshmellowsNow, you may be scratching your head and asking yourself “why would anyone post this? This is disgusting!”, but I’m telling you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  This is a comfort food multiple generations of my family have grown up with.  It’s simply delicious.


• Saltine squares (4 for each piece of cheese used)

• Sliced American cheese

• Large marshmallows


Cut your cheese into 4 squares. Place a piece of cheese on the saltines.  Yes, it’s that simple so why not give it a try.Crackers, Cheese, & Marshmellows

2 thoughts on “Crackers, Cheese, & Marshmallows

  1. Yum, I love these! You guys got me hooked on these! 🙂

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