Time for A Spring Cleaning Shakeup

Spring Check-up Time

Spring is in the air – and so are dust, pollen and a host of other airborne particles.  It makes my lungs quiver just thinking about it!  So, it’s no wonder spring cleaning fever strikes at this time of year.  But if you’re neglecting one very important part of your home, it’s time to shake up your spring cleaning routine…

Adding spring TLC to the list for your home’s heating and cooling equipment can save you a few headaches and potentially a lot of money.  How, you ask?  A clean unit works more efficiently and reduces the risk of a breakdown.  It’s simple…

It’s time for a change.  Start by replacing the filter.  Air will be able to flow more freely through your home after this task is completed.  (We can do this for you for no extra charge, except for the filter, while we’re there for your seasonal tune-up.)  You can also…

Stop the invasion.  Your backyard jungle could be costing you big.  Bushes, weeds and shrubbery that are allowed to grow up and around your unit can end up causing major damage to your system and your wallet!  Clearing the area around your unit is a quick way to help protect it for the long-term.

Give it a makeover.  This means from the inside out.  We’ll take care of the inside during your seasonal tune-up where your system is cleaned and set to factory specs so you get maximum efficiency for your energy dollars.  Call us today to get on the schedule.  Plus…

You don’t want to overlook the outside.  Scrubbing down your heating and cooling unit doesn’t just make it look pretty – it also increases its efficiency, which means energy dollars back in your pocket where they belong.


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