A Market Guide for Onions

An onion by any other name…well, makes a big difference in your cooking.  Onion varieties often look very similar and you almost need an endorsement from the Food Network to tell the difference between a Vidalia and shallots.  (Are you Googling that right now? – Tip: I linked the onions to their google images to help you out!)  Here’s the lowdown on these hearty veggies…

Scallions – Sweet and fragrant, scallions can be enjoyed raw in salads, thrown into stir-fries or mixed into a tasty dip.

Spring Onions – These young bulbs are typically mellower than other onions.  Try grilling, roasting or marinating, or batter and fry away!

Ramps – With an invigorating onion flavor and intense garlic scent, ramps are perfect for serving grilled or chopped and sauteed in eggs.

Shallots – Shallots can be used in fresh cooking or pickled and have a milder flavor. In Asian cuisine, finely sliced deep-fried shallots are used as a condiment that is usually served with porridge.

Vidalia Onions – The Vidalia onion is a sweet onion that can be eaten raw or baked.  These onions are best eaten in salads, sliced on hamburgers or hot-dogs, baked in french onion soup, or sauteed and then put on top of steak or pork.

Choose an onion, select a cooking style and enjoy!


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