Calm Your Tax Anxiety

April 15th, a.k.a. Jackie Robinson Day, World Art Day and the infamous Tax Day, is ranked as the second most stressful day of the year (Christmas ranks #1).  Half of all tax filer worry about missing deductions and credits.  Beat the stress by using these strategies.

Never Go It Alone – A guaranteed tax anxiety reducer is to have someone else do your taxes for you.  However, accountant fees can be high.  Websites, such as or, have calculator tools do the computations for you.

Don’t Be Shy – A little under one-third of Americans admit to lying about money or withholding financial information from a spouse or partner.  Keep the financial line of communication open between you and your partner.

Crack the Tax Form Code – Legalese can be intimidating.  Read “Tax 101” articles at to broaden your tax vocabulary and better understand confusing tax forms.

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