The Easiest Halloween Snack Idea Ever!

Clementine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts!  Picture and idea from



– Clementines

– Celery

– Bananas

– Regular and mini chocolate chips



Clementine Pumpkins: Peel the clementines and slice up a piece of celery into some skinny strips.  Then pull out the center part of the clementine but DON’T pull apart the pieces.  Poke the celery into the top of the clementine to make the pumpkin stem. NOTE: You may have to trim the celery a couple of times to get the right length.

Banana Ghosts: Cut a few peeled bananas in half.  Then poke the small chocolate chips into the banana to make the eyes and poke the big chocolate chip into the banana for the ghostly mouth.


It’s super easy and healthy!


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