How to Land a Promotion Now

Are you having dreams about receiving that much-deserved promotion for the same job you’ve been working in for years?  It’s time to make a play for the position you want and deserve.  Here’s how:

Step One: Create Work Objectives

Ask your boss for concrete goals that you should accomplish.  Create an outlined plan of expected tasks, along with a timeline to keep progress in check.  Establishing mutually understood objectives with your boss puts you on the frontline for promotions.  Go above and beyond what’s expected.

Step Two: Participate in Noticeable Assignments

Volunteer to work on difficult assignments and join company community-service projects.  You will be perceived as a team leader, a necessary trait in almost any business environment.

Step Three: Fess Up

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone takes responsibility for them.  Be honest about mistakes, and help find the best solution for correcting them and preventing them in the future.

Step Four: Keep track of your achievements.

Always carefully track and document anything noteworthy you do at work.  It’s important information to help you update your portfolio and resume and what you’ll need to prove your value when it comes time for promotions or raises.  If you can come up with solid facts and figures (percentage of improvement in sales or something comparable), that’s even better.

Step Five: Be likable and flexible.

A Harvard Study showed most people would prefer to work with the likable fool over the competent jerk or in simpler terms someone they like over someone competent. Ideally, you’ll be both amiable and capable, but it’s important to remember how important emotional intelligence is in the workplace.

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