It’s those cotton thingy’s!

Cotton from the cottonwood trees has been blowing through the neighborhoods. There can be negative consequences for the air conditioner and heat pump units, when this happens.   When cotton and other debris collect on the outside of the unit, it can  cause a reduction of air efficiency, which ends up costing you more money.  Here are some suggested routine maintenance tips to improve air efficiency that can be done by either the homeowner or service technician:  (NOTE: Do NOT do these things unless you know what you are doing as it could be dangerous)

Depending on what type of unit you have the cleaning may be different.  Both window or central air units need attention.

* Clean or replace filters regularly (Filters require different replacement times.  Ask you’re local HVAC dealer if you are unsure how long your filter(s) will last).

* Remove plant life and debris from around the outdoor unit.  Shrubs around to shade the unit are great just make sure to trim them and keep them a safe distance so they don’t damage the unit.

* Clean supply and return registers and straighten their fins.

* Clean outdoor coils, as often as necessary (It’s recommended to clean when dirt is visible on the outside of the coil).

* Clean evaporator coil and condensate pan when needed.

* Clean the blower fan blades.

Note that most of the cleaning can be done on outside units with a garden hose.

Some other appliances around the home that should be checked for cleaning or replacement include: furnace filters, refrigerator and freezer coils, humidifier pad and nozzles, exhaust fans, dishwasher filters, dehumidifiers, etc.  Taking the time to check these items will increase the life of the equipment and save you money on energy and servicing bills.

Cotton is Flying

Cotton is Flying


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