Warning Signs of an Air Conditioner Scam

Unfortunately, not everyone works with a good set of ethics.  That’s why we at J & R Heating & A/C would like to give you some of the warning signs that your heating and air guy may not be so ethical.

1. No license, insurance, or bonding.  Do not risk it if a technician doesn’t have one of these things.  The extra costs of a licensed and insured company/technician will be worth it in the long run.

2. No website or has a site with minimal content.  A “technician” is not going to put the time and effort into a well developed web base if they are just trying to convince you to pay for maintenance.

3. Inability to answer questions.  As a customer, it’s important to ask the technician as many questions as needed to make you comfortable.   If they can’t answer the questions or explain their process(es), they may not know what they’re doing .

When hiring an HVAC contractor make sure you are hiring a well-trained professional with experience and credentials to back them up.  After all, you don’t want to be left with thousands of dollars of repairs (or their medical bills if they are uninsured and become injured on your property) because you didn’t do your research.

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