Get Your Garden in Gear

Family Garden 2013

Family Garden 2013

With spring in the air, the time is right to plan your garden.  And if you don’t have a garden, maybe you should get one.  Landscaping improves the value and appearance of your home, and gardening itself is as rewarding as a home improvement project can get.  So, where do you begin?

Fertilize – Spring is the right time to take care of this important chore.  Fertilize to prolong the blooming period in outside and inside plants.

Prepare flower beds – Till the soil and remove dead plant material; and that goes for winter mulch too.

Take care of your lawn – Thick lawn growth looks great and also helps control weeds.  If it’s thinning, reseed. And get the fertilizer out.

Prune – Prune branches, evergreens and young trees; but prune spring flowering shrubs after they bloom.

Plant seeds and bulbs – Now is a good time for planting perennials, ornamental grasses and annuals.

Tend to your roses – Proper pruning encourages new growth, while feeding them now will help ensure good flowering.  Use a rose food with a systemic insecticide to control the bug problem.

Remember houseplants – If you haven’t got enough to do so far, remember to prune and fertilize your houseplants.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Garden in Gear

  1. First – awesome picture!

    Thoughts on the rest:
    * lawn – let your grass clippings naturally feed the lawn
    * roses – don’t use systemic insecticides! They are toxic and go into the water supply! Instead get neem oil from your garden store and mix 2 tbsp of it with a gallon of water and spray your roses with that to keep the aphids away. Or simply dish soap and water. 🙂
    * Garden – compost and mulch is the best fertilizer out there – and costs next to nothing 🙂

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