5 Places to Hide Valuables

There’s no such thing as foolproof protection against burglars.  That’s why securing your valuables – even within your home – is important.  A burglar entering your home already knows the obvious hiding places – under a mattress or rug, behind pictures and in or under dresser drawers.  So, how can you keep your valuables secure?  Besides a safe, other hiding options may provide just as much protection.

The master bedroom is one of the first places a burglar may look.  But he might skip the kitchen and bathrooms, so we’ll focus there:

Food Storage Containers – The cookie jar is too obvious, but you could hide valuables in other food jars, boxes and bags – even, in some cases, if the food is still there.

Plastic bags – For instance, place valuables inside a plastic bag or wrap it in foil, stash it in a bag of flour and store it at the back of a shelf.

Freezer – If your jewelry isn’t harmed by freezing, place the wrapped valuables in an ice cream container or bag of frozen vegetables.

Bathroom Cupboards – Place valuables within personal hygiene items or cleaning supplies stored in bathroom cupboards.  But avoid the medicine cabinet.  Too many burglars have drug habits or will look for prescription medicines to sell on the street.

Diversion Safes – Small, non-locking safes that are made to look like various household items can conceal valuables white appearing as a soup can or water bottle.

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